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Gruppo Marinedi started up in November 2009 from the spin-off of a branch of Acquatecno S.r.l. The company was launched with the main objective of developing a Mediterranean network of functionally interconnected marinas with the same quality standards.​

Company staff have access to the experience of a selected group of senior professionals who are responsible for various sectors, namely financial, state property, design as well as commercial and marketing coordination, which are centrally managed from Rome, while at the local level they supervise the management of the companies which operate the marinas and are part of the Network.

20 Marinas for 12,037 berths:
7 operational marinas with 3,313 berths.
4 marinas under development with 3,180 berths.
9 marinas being promoted, with the authorisation process underway, with 5,544 berths.

The fundamental criteria underlying the structure and development of the Network are:​​

  • restoration and/or completion of under-used port areas;
  • sustainability of the design choices;
  • respect for the landscape and awareness of the architectural impact of the sites;
  • competitive financial strategies in the Mediterranean and Caribbean nautical circuit;
  • full respect for the environment, adopting eco-compatible and sustainable solutions;
  • customised service;
  • high design and managerial standards;
  • selected international clientele.

​ The guiding principle is to exclusively increase sustainable nautical tourism at the environmental level. By belonging to the Network, nautical businesses and clients can exploit the financial advantages given by economies of scale, ensuring a high degree of satisfaction, and adhere to agreements in favour of the client with the major service companies (flight, insurance, financial, clothing etc.). They also have the opportunity to share experience and  make use of shared resources, while belonging to a recognisable, high-quality “brand”, and can take advantage of berth exchanges and easy booking, appear at the sector’s events (boat shows) in a coordinated way, and mount economical but powerful marketing campaigns in the press and on television. ​​The development scenario and the resources used encourage the growth and branching out of an international network of, functionally interconnected, technologically advanced marinas with central coordination, which can make a real difference in Italy and abroad.